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Both old and new cars come with standard parts, specific to the model of the vehicle. While in most cases those standard parts will do their job, at one point you might want to consider changing them or adding new ones. When it comes to old cars, you should always consider the wear and tear aspect and make sure that you don’t have parts that desperately need changing.

Installing Better Sound Systems

Older cars usually come with your standard radio/cd player combo. While the fact that they’re old has nothing to do with their output capacity or sound quality, you might want to consider other audio input methods, for example, like an MP3 player. You can even go further than that, by installing a Bluetooth adapter and stream music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet. The best thing you could do is just buy and install a newer stereo system which has USB ports and lets you play MP3 and other popular digital music formats. However, you may be lucky and find a secondary audio input available in your car that will let you directly connect another device and leave the old one there as well.

Changing Tires

While this might not sound like an upgrade, it really is, depending on the kinds of tires you own now and the type of weather conditions you’re driving in. Some tires are tailored for wet roads, others fair better in snow, while others are better suited for regular dry roads. If you find that most of your driving occurs during wet season, you might want to change to wet weather tires. This upgrade will provide you with better adherence to the road, considerably lower risks of sideslip, and overall better maneuverability.

Vehicle Backup Cameras

There are plenty of options available in terms of what kind of camera you could get, but in the end, it only has to do one thing: provide you with quality images. The thing you need to avoid is cameras that come with displays that have latency issues; if you’re driving a big car and you want to backup, you need to see real-time footage of what’s going on behind you. The cameras usually come with shims and wedges for proper adjustment on your license plate.

Increasing Stability and Comfort

To do this, you’ll need to take care of three parts; sway bars, shocks and struts, whether it’s replacing them or adding them (depending on how old your car is). Sway bars keep the chassis in place and won’t allow wheels to move up and down that much. Shocks and struts help in terms of keeping wheels on the road and increase breaking performance. Each of these pieces can be installed fairly easily in your own garage.

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