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Not everybody has the funds necessary to replace their cars, but luckily, there are quite a few things that can be done to freshen up their vehicle’s image and make it look and feel brand new.

Proper Cleaning

Many people consider that taking their car to a car wash service just about does the trick, and it’s true if they give your car a thorough cleaning. But usually, it only involves the vehicle’s exterior. That’s why you probably need to do this yourself, and you’ll get to save some money in the process! Start with the inside of your car, removing the seats and scrubbing just about everything you can. Check between the cushions, and even clean out your engine and under your car. It’ll look great and it won’t cost you more than an afternoon’s worth of work.

Replacing Electronics

Your dashboard is your main place of interaction with the car; faulty illumination or knobs can really get in the way of you driving at night properly, given the fact that you won’t be able to easily see things like your speedometer. Replacing them is an easy task and spare parts come really cheap. Aside from that, focus on the sound system as well; if it’s outdated, you can get a new one, which is very easy to install, and depending on the brand, can come at really decent prices.

Intake and Exhaust

Your engine needs to breathe accordingly in order for it to work nicely. Intake systems and air filters can make a small difference when it comes to horsepower, but it’ll keep your engine running for a longer time, and the sounds it produces will be quieted down a bit. When it comes to the exhaust, it’s usually considered an unnecessary upgrade unless yours has problems that require it to be replaced; but getting a new one can go a long way in giving a new voice to your car.

Replace Rubber Strips

You’ll find these just about everywhere in your car, from your doors to your windows. Replacing them will make a huge difference, in the sense that your car will instantly become quieter and your AC system will provide a more impactful feel overall. Cold air or warm air inside your car won’t leak outside, and you won’t have to worry about rain getting in; all it takes is a few cheap rubber strips and a bit of adhesive.

By paying attention to the small details like the ones mentioned above, you will be well on your way in giving your old car a new breath of life.

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