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Tackling repairs on your car should always be done in a safe manner, and you always need to make sure that what you did is going to work. There are some easy, standard repairs that everybody should be able to do, especially if you find yourself in the middle of the road without any other options. You should always have the basics along with you: gloves, wrenches, a car lift, spare tire and something to clean your hands.

First Off – Research

Your most important tool is knowledge. Like in many other fields, knowing what you’re doing and the order it should be done in will spare you a lot of time and headache during the process. Even though you might not see why you’d need to learn this and that, it’s better that in your spare time you do a little bit of research to make sure you know how to tackle the basics. It’s your own choice whether you rely on mechanical manuals or access the internet for research.

Record the Process

When you take something apart, or even tackle something basic like changing your tires, it’s always best to record the process the first time around. Write every step down in a notepad, and if more pieces are involved, label them accordingly. This way, you’ll make sure that everything goes back in its proper place and you won’t forget about anything when you put it all back together.

Don’t Rush it

Car repairs, especially at your first go, will take time. Don’t let this discourage you or become annoyed because you were under the impression that everything should be fixed in 5 minutes. If you plan on practicing some basic repairs on your car, make sure that you set up an alternative transportation option before you do so; you’ll probably need to go to the car parts shop quite often. Also, don’t get frustrated that something doesn’t go as planned the first time around; do your best to keep calm and start over.

Clear Your Workspace

Whether you’re in your garage or in the middle of the road, you always need to set up your workspace first. You know you need your wrenches, your spare and your car lift; make sure you have them on hand. The same goes with everything else, depending on the repair you’re planning on.

Check Everything One Last Time

Are the bolts screwed in tightly? Is everything back where it belongs? Did you make sure that nothing was left out? These are just a few questions you need to ask yourself before getting behind the wheel; a final checkup is a crucial step in making sure you did everything okay and that you can rest easy knowing everything’s fine.

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