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When you take a turn, regardless of the direction, you shouldn’t notice any kind of wobbling in your car, nor see a wobbling image in the review mirror or sense it in the wheels. However, if you do, there are a few reasons why this might happen. Determining what the problem is will allow you to make the proper decision on how to handle it. Always drive safely, and if you notice wobbling around turns, then either stop and inspect your vehicle or take it to a shop immediately.

Problems with the Wheels

When you turn a corner, one of the most frequent things you’ll notice is that one of your wheels starts wobbling. This happens for a number of reasons, some of them very basic, which can be resolved immediately, while others will need professional help.

First, you need to check the air pressure inside the tires and make sure that they’re not leaking air; you may simply have a flat. If that’s the case, replacing the tire or bringing it to normal pressure levels will solve the problem. When you get back in your car after you’ve inflated the tire, make sure that the wobbling is gone; if not, it’s probably due to a broken or shifted belt in the tire. They’re pretty hard to spot, but usually you can see a bulge in the tire. Try replacing it with your spare and see if the problem persists.

Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings are what keep your wheels spinning, with as little friction as possible. They are made from a bunch of steel balls encased in a metal ring, which is usually sealed off, protecting it from the elements and keeping the high temperature bearing grease from leaking. You can find the wheel bearings behind the hub from which the lug bolts come out of.

Most of the time, the wheel bearings are responsible for your wobbling car. You have to pay attention to exactly when your car wobbles; when you take a right or a left turn? You can check this by looking into your side mirrors and see if the image wobbles.

The rolling elements inside the wheel bearings come under wear and tear in time, and at one point, will need replacing. When your car wobbles around turns, it’s usually a sign that the time has come to take it to a mechanic and replace the wheel bearings.

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