Select Page takes a look at some Detroit Auto Show facts. Here we look at some new cars, new innovations, and new ideas. Each year, the Motor City hosts one of the most exciting and dynamic auto shows in the world. The North American International Auto Show, more commonly referred to as the Detroit Auto Show, hosts automakers from around the world and allows for a display of new vehicles, technology, and concepts. This year has certainly been an interesting one, with the revival of an incredible classic and the advent of electricity in vehicles. There’s a lot to cover, so we’re presenting you with some basic Detroit Auto Show facts to get you started. While many Detroit Auto Show facts will have you believe the show is only about supercars and concept vehicles, tamer vehicles are also shown off at this event as well. While these cars are fewer and given less press coverage than the showstoppers, they are equally important for the technology they deliver.

Detroit Auto Show facts – Regular Cars

Some under-reported Detroit Auto Show facts include the idea that not every vehicle at the event is a purpose-built speed or off-road machine. This year, many of the “regular” cars at the Detroit Auto Show were different. Crossovers seem to be where a lot of companies are putting their focus. Audi and Volvo both have updated models, the Q7 and XC90 respectively. Some of the most popular selling vehicles in North America are crossovers, with no signs of this trend letting up. Tesla is planning a crossover style vehicle to capture the market of electric crossovers.

The Workhorses – Trucks

Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet, Hyundai and Ford all displayed new models of trucks this year. The Titan, Tacoma, and Silverado all got updates to both styling and power for the upcoming years. The biggest update came from Nissan, who’s Titan has been given a facelift and outfitted with a 5-liter turbo diesel V8 that saves up to 20% more fuel over it’s competitors. The big 3 have abandoned the mid to small truck market, leaving import makers essentially free to develop in that space. The new Toyota Tacoma Is getting a major engine update, with a new direct injected V6 instead of the previous 4 cylinder engine of the past. The new Silverado received a facelift, designed to be an homage to previous designs. Hyundai also debuted the Santa Cruz concept, and sporty, small almost El-Caminoesque light truck. Ford was the automaker that really stole the show, a point we’ll touch on with more Detroit Auto Show facts.

The Future – Electric Vehicles

One of the most important Detroit Auto Show facts to take away is that electric vehicles are here to stay. Chevrolet, who’s Volt was seen as a halfhearted attempt at an electric vehicle, put effort into a new vehicle as well as updates to the Volt. Chevrolet’s new vehicle, the Bolt, claims over 300km on a charge in a small crossover package. This vehicle is also said to retail for roughly $30,000USD after tax incentives. The updated Volt now has an expanded range of over 100km, a major improvement over the previous 45km. Elon Musk of Tesla motors also appeared at the show, stating that other automakers aren’t doing enough to create the vehicles of tomorrow. Tesla then confirmed it’s working on models that will offer even more range, and come in at roughly $27,000USD after tax incentives. Tesla’s current lineup already offers ranges in excess of 400km per charge.

The Performers – Sports and Racing

We wouldn’t have many Detroit Auto Show facts without talking about performance. One of the most talked about cars was the new Acura NSX. This car features a twin turbo V6 with over 550 horsepower controlled through a 9 speed dual clutch gearbox. The NSX also features 3 hybrid electric motors. This car is important because concepts and redesigns have been “coming soon’ for over 5 years. Porsche and Alfa Romeo previewed updated versions of their 911 Targa and 4C Spider. Both convertibles offer improved performance over previous models. Mini has updated it Jon Cooper Works hardtop with a new 228 horsepower, turbocharged 4 cylinder engine. This vehicle has been revamped in order to compete with the new Volkswagen Golf GTI.

The Winner – Ford

Despite all the other vehicles, no company made as quite an impression as Ford. With an updated Shelby Mustang, Raptor, and GT, Ford unleashed everything anyone could want at the show. The new Shelby Mustang GT350R has taken dramatic weight reductions, and features a 500+ horsepower V8 engine. Ford promises this to be the most performance oriented Mustang ever.

The Ford Raptor is a performance package of its F-150 model line. Heavily augmented, it’s designed for extreme off-road use. Since Ford has switched to aluminum bodies, the new Raptor features a steel reinforced body, with a larger suspension and a 400+ horsepower turbocharged V6. This will be THE vehicle for any serious off-roader for years to come.

The biggest of all the Detroit Auto Show facts was the unveiling of the new Ford GT. The Ford GT is a supercar with a very rich and interesting history, and is a favorite of car enthusiasts around the world. The new GT features a twin turbo V6, producing over 600 horsepower. The body is a mixture of carbon fiber and aluminum, and Ford is promising this have one of the best power to weight ratios in ANY production car. Ford also has plans to being racing the new GT this year. Forza, the popular video game racing franchise, has already confirmed the Ford GT will be its upcoming Forza 6 cover car.

These are just the basic Detroit Auto Show facts, the real test begins when these cars are unleashed on the public. We’ll no doubt be hearing more about these vehicles in the next few months. We look forward to all the new technology and performance vehicles coming soon. If you’re looking for performance but don’t want to wait for concepts or future releases, shop our parts today and save!

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