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The emergency brake plays an important role when it comes to your vehicle, because it not only provides you with a system of stopping faster and more efficiently in an emergency situation, but it also provides you with extra protection when you park your vehicle. At certain times, the emergency brake might become fixed, something you might notice from the way that one of the wheels drag as you drive; to resolve this issue, you simply need to unfreeze the brake. Keep in mind that if you’re unsuccessful in all your attempts to unfreeze the car, it might be time for you to replace the brake.

Easy Fixes

There are certain tricks that you can try to free up the frozen emergency brake and they won’t take very long to do. Try a few of these options if one or two aren’t working, since you never know which one might solve your issue. Firstly, engage and release your brake about five times while the car is stationary. Make sure that you have some space in front of you and put your foot on the accelerator very slowly; be sure that you put on your seatbelt because you’ll need to stop suddenly by hitting your normal brakes. If these two quick fixes don’t work, you’ll need to try something a bit more complex.

Slightly More Complicated Fixes

When the simplest solutions aren’t working, start out by driving the car in reverse for a small distance and stop quickly. Once again, it is important that you make sure you are wearing your seatbelt since stopping in this manner is going to push you forward in your seat. After you have stopped quickly, drive forward and stop again, as before. Repeat this four times.

Another way that you can try to release the brake is to turn off the engine and bounce the car near the wheel that has been clamped by the brake. You will most likely want to push down hard on the area before allowing the wheel to bounce back up into place. Be sure to repeat this about four times.

Lastly, if you still haven’t managed to unfreeze the emergency brake, try removing the wheel completely by removing the lug nuts with the wrench. You will then want to put your foot on the wheel’s bottom edge and strike to top edge so that the wheel comes loose. At this point, you can wiggle the brake cable around to see if that makes any difference.

In the event that none of these techniques work, it might be a good idea to have the vehicle inspected by a professional to determine if they can get the emergency brake free.

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