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With the price of gas rising every year, it pays to find out how to get more from your gas tank. If you think saving gas is going to be a time-consuming effort, think again; you can get more miles just by following a few simple tips.

Don’t Speed

The harder you push down on the accelerator, the more gas your vehicle is going to guzzle. Basically, when you drive in a more gentle fashion, you will not only get where you are going more safely, but you will also end up using less gas to get there. Anything above 60mph eats into your gas usage, so by reducing your speed, you could be reducing the amount of gas that you use anywhere between 7% and 23%.

Lighten Your Load

A heavy vehicle takes more gas to get it moving, so just by emptying out your trunk, you could end up saving on gas. If you are driving around with a trunk full of golf clubs and tire chains, find another place to store them, and remember that for every 100 pounds that you’re carrying in your vehicle, your gas efficiency is dropping by about 2%.

Keep Up With Your Maintenance

Cars that haven’t been maintained in a while tend to guzzle gas; while most people are aware of this, there are still those that think it is “cheaper” not to maintain their vehicles properly. Without changing the oil regularly, for instance, the viscosity of the oil changes, and this causes the vehicle to drag, therefore increasing the amount of gas that is used to get it moving.

Inflate Your Tires

Soft tires tend to offer much more resistance on the road, which means the car has to work even harder to get anywhere; of course, this increases the amount of gas used to travel from one place to another. Keeping your tires properly inflated doesn’t only increase the mileage you get; it also makes the tires more efficient and will increase their lifespan in the long run.

Turn the Vehicle Off When You Stop

If you are going to be stopping somewhere for more than half a minute, turn the vehicle off instead of idling since this will require more gas.

You don’t necessarily have to purchase fancy gadgets to get the most mileage from your car; by following a few simple tips, you can rest assured you’ll have your car going further for less with the least amount of effort possible.

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