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Having a perfectly functional braking system is not only essential for optimum performance but also for your safety as well. By regularly checking your brakes you avoid unnecessary circumstances that will not arise by simply doing a routine checkup and following these steps;

  • Timely check your brake pads for wear and tear, If your brake pads are anywhere less than a quarter inch you should look for a replacement
  • When you hear the squealing noise while breaking, that is also because your brake pads are worn out and now the metal pieces are rubbing against the brake rotors.
  • If you notice that your vehicle is pulling to one side, this can be an alignment issue but also keep in mind that when your brake calipers are not fully released they result in generating more force on that wheel hence pulling your vehicle to one side.
  • One more thing that should not be ignored is if there is a sighting of any liquid which is yellow in color, usually brake system leaks release a yellow colored liquid and this can lead to a complete loss of your braking system.

We all love our cars and we never want to be in a situation where we cannot drive them even after having one. Arguably brakes are one of the most important element in keeping your car on the road, so you should not take any issue related to your vehicle braking system lightly. If you think your car is in need of brake repair take your car to a service center and consult with a professional mechanic. Make sure you get quality replacement parts for peace of mind, longer brake life and maximum performance. carries a great variety of quality brake repair/replacement parts at incredible prices. We carry discs, rotors, hardware, drums, pads, shoes and calipers. To check out our entire inventory simply visit our website and enter your vehicles MMY. You will SAVE BIG when you shop factory direct with