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Tires are some of the most important components of a vehicle; these components not only keep a car running, but they also provide traction and absorb shock. Making sure that your tires remain in good condition is absolutely integral since any damage can put the passengers of a vehicle in danger and possibly cause the vehicle to veer off the road. Since tires can be quite costly, particularly the higher quality brands, you’ll want to make sure that they remain in the best possible condition, and with a few preventative maintenance tips, this is a much simpler task to undertake.

Keep Your Wheels Aligned

When the wheels of a car aren’t aligned, a certain section of the tires tends to bear the brunt of the road, and this means that they will wear down faster. By ensuring that the wheels are properly aligned, you’ll be spreading the weight of the vehicle across a larger area, and this means that your tires are going to last longer as a result.

Maintain the Appropriate Air Pressure

Most people aren’t even aware that they are driving around on underinflated tires and yet this is something that can quickly wear down these facets of a vehicle. Since the air within a tire will expand when warm, taking a reading when you’ve been driving around for a while isn’t a good idea either; ultimately, you need to make sure that you check your tire pressure at least once a month, and do so either early in the day or later in the evening when the temperatures have dropped. Keep in mind that neglecting to inflate your tires means that you’ll end up with more of the actual tires meeting the road; the more surface that is exposed, the more there is to wear down.

Remember, overinflating your tires could end up having a similar effect to misaligning your wheels; a smaller section of the wheels will have to carry the entire load of the car, and so this section tends to wear down faster.


Rotating your tires often means that they will end up wearing down more evenly; something that could actually get them to last much longer. There are a variety of factors that will affect the manner in which tires run down, including whether they are on the front or the back wheels and whether the vehicle is a front-wheel-drive or a rear-wheel-drive.

By taking a few preventative maintenance measures, you can have your tires lasting much longer than usual and possibly save a bucket load of money in the process.

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