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With January in full swing there’s no doubt people are making their annual list of New Year’s resolutions. Between going to the gym, losing weight and quitting smoking, one resolution that never seems to make it on the list is maintaining your car and driving habits. It may seem like a simple task, but keeping your car in top shape is often put on the back burner and you can always use a little driving tune up every once in a while.

1. Keep Your Tank Full

Do you often make the excuse of saying you’ll fill your tank tomorrow while there’ a quarter tank left? Next thing you know you’re on your way to work already running behind and your gas light pops on. This year don’t let your tank drop below half. There’s several reasons why this will benefit you (like actually getting to work on time and not having to hitch hike to the gas station), but one thing that will benefit you, especially in the winter, is avoiding condensation in the gas tank. When the temperature drops condensation forms and can freeze if there isn’t at least half a tank in your car. Keep it full or at half and you and your car will stay happy.

2. Ditch The Phone

We get it… sometimes you need to make an important call while on the road or answer a text message from your boss, but compromising your safety is never okay. There are headsets and voice control apps to help you stay hands-free and focused while on the road, but make it a goal to ditch your phone completely while the ignition is on. No more glancing at your Instagram feed while at a red light or calling home to see what’s for dinner. Disconnect for the short time you’re likely commuting home and enjoy the ride. Crank up the tunes and focus on the road.

3. Keep Your Car Clean (Inside & Out)

You know that stack of coffee cups in the middle console and that stash of drive-thru garbage tucked away in the side of the door? Get rid of it! It’s easy to let these things get out of control and create a big and sometimes smelly mess. Grab a trash bag, get out to your car and throw away all that junk. Don’t forget to get rid of all your other clutter too like extra clothes, lunch containers and unnecessary tools in the trunk. Once you’re done, head to the nearest car wash and freshen up the exterior. Tip: keep a double plastic grocery bags in the glove box so you can collect your garbage more often.

4. Back Into Parking Spaces

This may sound weird, but backing into parking spaces will make your life so much easier. Remember when you were a young driver and they made you parallel park and back up a gazillion times? It was all for good reason. Make it your goal to become a back-up pro and you’ll effortless be able to pull into any tight spot and drive away easier than ever.

5. Get Your Vehicle In Shape

Getting into shape is at the top of everyone’s New Year’s resolution list so why not make it a priority for your car too? Getting your car up to speed will not only improve its performance, it’ll give you peace of mind knowing you’re driving a safe ride. Some routine things to add to your maintenance list include: checking the tire pressure, checking for fluid leaks, topping up fluids and changing the wiper blades.

Since you’ve probably promised yourself to be a better, brighter and healthier human this New Year, make your car feel the same way and you’re surely to have a great year.

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