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There’s nothing more frustrating than taking your car out for a spin and finding that you can’t get your window to go down. Power windows operate on motors and can fail for a few different reasons, none of them very convenient, but most fairly easy to fix. If you’re having problems with yours, refer to your car manual or a local mechanic on what steps are involved in the process of fixing it. Some situations may just require a bit of elbow grease, while others may need the attention of a professional.


The most typical reason for a stuck window is the power switch, and generally what has happened is that the switch has corroded over time due to vigorous use as well as the elements. This means that a new switch will need to be installed, and getting your vehicle to a mechanic is a must.

Getting off Track

A slightly less serious reason for a malfunctioning window could be that the glass has gone off the track, or there is an obstruction jammed inside the track that is keeping the window from going down. If you’re fairly good with the mechanical side of cars, then fixing this on your own isn’t too difficult, and can save you some money. If you’re not sure about the process, though, it’s best not to attempt it on your own, as further damaging the window may be cause for a replacement.

Fuse Troubles

If the window is malfunctioning only on one side, then the above culprits may be to blame; if none of the windows seem to be working, however, then the problem may be a blown fuse or bad relay. If the fuse has blown, it will need to be replaced, but if the relay is the problem, you can jumper it back into action using jumper cables on terminals 30 and 87.

Slow to Start

Sometimes the problem isn’t nearly as serious as it seems and the window mechanism is simply dragging, which causes the function of opening and closing to slow or cease. After removing the door panels of your vehicle, it’s very easy to lubricate the tracks and fit the pieces back together.

No matter which of the above afflictions your car is currently suffering from, you can rest easy knowing that power windows are relatively easy to fix and won’t necessarily affect the rest of your vehicle as other issues might.

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