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Most people don’t want to run off to the mechanic every time they need to make a simple repair on their vehicle, but these tasks are often made much more difficult because people don’t have the right tools to get the job done. Instead of throwing up your hands in frustration every time a simple repair task goes wrong, you might want to find out about those tools that will be able to make each and every job much simpler.

Form-A-Funnel Drain Tool

Changing the oil in a car is a necessary but often difficult task that can sometimes leave a person covered head-to-toe in oil. In order to do this job, you need to drain the oil when you remove and replace the oil filter. The form-a-funnel drain tool makes catching the oil a much easier and cleaner task and prevents it from coating the underside of the vehicle.

The Tire Iron

When people find themselves needing to change a tire, they might beam with pride at the fact that they remembered to store a spare in the trunk of their car, but what about the rest of the tools required to get the job done? A tire iron, for instance, really comes in handy when you are expected to loosen all of the lug nuts holding the tire in place; don’t be a hero and attempt this by hand, as you won’t get very far. Keep in mind that the same tool really comes in handy when you’re putting the new tire back onto the vehicle.

Offset Screwdrivers

Most screwdrivers come in two shapes; Phillips and the standard shape. Most people can’t be bothered to keep a range of screwdrivers in the boot of their vehicle, and there is nothing more frustrating than popping the trunk only to find that you bought the wrong one. To solve this problem, manufacturers went ahead and created the offset screwdriver, which not only has a bit of clearance before the head but also comes in both a Phillips and standard design, with one type protruding from each end. These screwdrivers really come in handy when you’re trying to tighten a screw that’s in an awkward position.

Tools are used for a variety of reasons, but not all of them are absolutely necessary; some of them are simply called into action to make a tricky task just that bit easier and can save you unnecessary trips to your local mechanic.

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